To collect metrics from multiple Raspberry Pis or other Linux servers in a central location, the Netdata/InfluxDB/Grafana stack is a good solution. Netdata will collect the actual metrics and send them to a central InfluxDB instance. A Grafana dashboard will display the metrics.

A central InfluxDB and Grafana instance should be installed and available at Activate the OpenTSDB protocol support in InfluxDB on port 4242. This guide assumes a private network and does not consider encryption and authentication.

Install Netdata

First make sure that the hostname is set to something useful as it is used to identify different servers in InfluxDB. On Raspbian the hostname can be easily changed under Network Options in sudo raspi-config.

Now install the Netdata client. On most Linux systems (including Raspbian) it’s as easy as

bash --disable-telemetry

Use --disable-telemetry to prevent Netdata from sending usage statistics. The script takes approximately 30 minutes to finish on a Raspberry Pi 2. For other systems check the Netdata installation guide.


Tip: If you want to use nano for editing the configuration files, execute export EDITOR=nano first.


cd /etc/netdata
sudo ./edit-config exporting.conf

to add the lines

    enabled = yes
    destination =

to the exporting.conf file (change the IP address to point to your InfluxDB). This will forward all Netdata metrics via the OpenTSDB protocol to your InfluxDB instance. Check the Netdata documentation for more details about the OpenTSDB exporter.

Optionally, you can also disable the integrated Netdata web server that usually serves the Netdata UI via HTTP on port 19999. You will check the metrics through Grafana and this will save some system resources. Disable the web server by editing the netdata.conf file. Use

cd /etc/netdata
sudo ./edit-config netdata.conf

to set mode = none in the [web] section.

Restart the Netdata client with sudo service netdata restart and start collecting metrics!

Grafana Dashboard

The Netdata metrics will now be stored in InfluxDB. Use a dashboard like the Templated Netdata Dashboard to display the metrics.